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Assistance Not Necessary

The teacher hummed softly as he poured his tea into one of the smaller ceramic cups that he owned. The man glanced down when he felt a wet nose nudging at his bare leg- right now as it was three in the morning, Julian was still in just a T-shirt- which used to be quite large on him and now barely stretched over his swollen stomach -and his boxers. “What’s wrong?” he asked, taking his tea and walking into his living room, unable to help but sigh when the light colored labrador ran to the door and whined softly.

“Yeah yeah,” the pregnant man rolled his green eyes and made his way over to the sliding door that lead to the backyard, pushing it open and letting his dog out. He stayed standing in the doorway, leaning against it as he took a sip of his still quite hot tea. Julian could feel his baby shifting inside of him and smiled gently as he rubbed a hand over his stomach. “Calm down in there… From the looks of it  you’ll be out soon, alright?” he said. Anyways, the reason why he was up was because he’d woken to quite persistent stomach cramps.

Which, speaking of, he couldn’t help but grimace slightly as his stomach tightened again. The grip he had on his tea cup tightened slightly but he forced himself to relax and simply breathe. They weren’t horrible yet, but still not pleasant. Then again, could contractions ever be pleasant? Julian seriously doubted it. The only ‘pleasant’ thing about it is that he’d be getting to see his child in a matter of hours.

The contraction finished directly before the yellow lab ran back inside. Julian shut the door and walked back into the living room, sinking down onto the couch and just trying to clear his mind for a moment.

At the age of 33, Julian had felt his biological clock ticking quick. Anyway, men had a shorter fertile time than women did. While women would usually stop their cycles in their 50’s, men generally stopped producing viable eggs as early as 40. So due to his lack of a spouse, boyfriend, or anything of that sort… Julian decided to take it into his own hands and look into a donor instead. Anyways, he’s always wanted children and he was just trying to wait for the right person to have them with. Unfortunately, the ‘right person’ never showed up.

Oh well. At least this way Julian would have his child and while he was sure he was capable of being a single parent, if someone else came along then Julian wouldn’t push them away.

“Ah,” Julian winced when he felt a foot jam itself against his ribs. “Calm down, kid,” he huffed. “I promise you’ll be outta there today and you’ll have all the room in the world to stretch.”

For the next little while, the teacher decided to watch a movie while sipping on his tea and breathing through contractions that seemed to be coming every 5 minutes. They were dull cramping pains that wrapped around his lower abdomen, hips, and lower back and seemed to be getting stronger than they were when he first got up.

Julian wasn’t worried, though. He had long since decided he was going to have an unassisted home birth. In fact even before he got pregnant he had been thinking about it. He knew he definitely wanted very little medical intervention during his pregnancy- of course unless there were complications that required otherwise. Honestly he was just doing what he truly felt was best for his baby. Anyways, he got the highly suggested tests and had a few ultrasounds just to make sure everything was all good.

Of course… an unassisted home birth also meant that Julian was completely alone. Something he wasn’t having as hard of a time with as he originally thought he would. Anyways, after having to explain to his family five times that yes, he’s pregnant but no, he didn’t have a boyfriend or husband and yes, that’s exactly what he wanted so they should stop saying ‘Oh honey, I’m sorry’ and start saying ‘Congratulations’. Yeah, after that he wasn’t even going to mention his plans on giving birth at home without a doctor or midwife present.

The pregnant man finished his tea and looked down when he felt a warm weight on his thigh to see that his dog was stretched out on the couch next to him. “What, Emma?” he asked. “Oh I know. Things will be changing soon but I promise it’ll only get better,” he patted the dog’s head reassuringly.


After eight hours of labor and nearly a half hour of pushing on his hands and knees before he switched to squatting and leaning against his bed for support he could finally feel the progress. Checking for the dozenth time that he had everything he’d need laid out nice and clean as he panted between contractions, he knew his baby would be there soon and he couldn’t wait. The excitement and joy overshadowing a lot of the pain.

When he felt another contraction starting, the dark haired man took in a deep breath and let it out in a low growl as he pushed as hard as he could. Julian couldn’t help but gasp when he felt the unmistakable burning between his legs that meant his baby must be crowning, shakily reaching a hand down he could feel the curve of a head and soft, wet hair. He took in a few shaky breaths before he kept pushing, not as forcefully as before as he didn’t want to tear but unable to completely deny the urge.

He couldn’t help but whimper when the burning got worse right before the contraction ended, leaving him huffing out breaths and gasping in air. It was nearly unbearable. Julian just kept it in his mind that his baby would be there with him in just moments and held onto that thought as tight as he possibly could.

With about six more contractions, Julian had his baby in his hands. His legs gave out seconds later and he slumped down to the floor as he cradled the newborn to his chest and grabbed a soft towel to dry it off with. While toweling the newborn down and coaxing it to breathe, Julian couldn’t help a small smile when he saw that he had a baby girl. A small smile that turned into a big grin when she finally cried out.

“Hey, baby girl…” he whispered, now grabbing a blanket to keep her warm as he held her against his chest. “Shh, shh, daddy’s here,” he muttered softly. “You’re so beautiful…” Julian smiled, studying her features. She did take mostly after her father but Julian could see some things that must’ve come from the donor like her little round nose. “Oh hush, little angel, you’re alright. I promise, daddy won’t let anything happen to you,” the man couldn’t help but keep smiling, far too caught up in the fact that he’d actually done it. That he’s actually a father.

Realizing that she was probably hungry, he guided her to his chest and helped her latch on. Once she had quieted down and was simply suckling silently, Julian started to wonder out loud about a name. “What should your name be, huh?” he hummed softly as he went through names in his head. “Mia?” he wondered, “No… How about… Belle?” the teacher looked down at his daughter and chuckled as he shook his head. That definitely didn’t suit her. “Grace!” he grinned, but when the little girl stopped suckling and just looked at him with a discontented face he couldn’t help but let out an honest laugh. “Oh you’re right. What do you think about… Marley?” he asked, the newborn gave him a curious face but he took that as a good thing.

“It’s official then, your name’ll be Marley Lilya Jamison,” Julian grinned. “You’re gonna be a little tomboy, aren’t you?” he chuckled.

Julian then just relaxed there, humming a tune gently while Marley fed herself until he started feeling much lighter contractions which meant the afterbirth would be coming soon. Luckily it seemed the newborn was done with her first meal and Julian was able to set her down to be able to take care of it.

After getting the area all cleaned up, including cutting the cord and taking care of the afterbirth, Julian carefully picked up his baby again. “Ready to get your first bath, Marley, ‘cause daddy sure could use a shower,” he chuckled, carrying the newborn into the bathroom.

He put some warm-but-not-too-warm water into the small baby tub and gently put Marley into it. She didn’t seem to mind it at all as Julian gently washed her. After drying her off she seemed to be getting pretty tired so Julian rocked her to sleep, which didn’t take long at all, and put her in the bassinet that was in his room before he reluctantly went to get himself a shower. He left the bathroom door open so he could hear if she woke up and got himself cleaned of all the sweat, blood, and everything else that was still sticking to him. It didn’t take too long and soon he was out, drying off and pulling on a pair of pajama pants and a T-shirt.

Julian couldn’t help but stop to stare down at his little girl sleeping peacefully before he went and opened the bedroom door, seeing Emma laying with her nose right against the doorframe. The lab instantly jumped up when she saw her owner, sniffing at him and trotting into the bedroom curiously.

The teacher just smiled when the dog started sniffing at the bassinet. “Yeah, Emma, you’ve got yourself a sister,” he told the dog. Leaving the door open so Emma could come and leave as she pleased, Julian walked back over to his bed and sat down, grabbing the phone and dialing his parent’s number.

It was fun trying to explain why he was calling from home after just giving birth.
Just a small birth oneshot. I've been meaning to do a 'single and happy' thing for a while. Just never got to it. But here's this! I plan on doing some other ones with Julian and Marley as well. And of course Emma. Which, funfact, one of my aunts while I was growing up had a yellow lab named Emma. And a chocolate lab named Annie. Anyways lol. 

Yah, hope you guys liked it! If you did please leave a comment, they are ALL very much appreciated. Bye!
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AccountaEnigmatica Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice story :) I like the 'single and happy' thing ;)
Cookies-and-Caramel Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Student Writer
Aww thank you!
AccountaEnigmatica Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :)
iced-ninja Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Will said man have another baby?
Cookies-and-Caramel Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student Writer
Probably not, but there will definitely be more stories like this with different characters that I'll post.

Anyway, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! It is very much appreciated.
iced-ninja Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem. :)
akari-jaganashi Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
Very beautifully written. ^^ every detail was done well! Great job!
Cookies-and-Caramel Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student Writer
Thank you very much!

Oh and just in case you'd be interested in it I put up another story with Julian, though it's just him being a parent to Marley. Anyway, thanks again for the comment and I'm glad you liked it.
Mary-Oldacre Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Aw! I really want more of these two!

((Also, I couldn't help but giggle internally at their last name, considering Abbey's last name is "Jameson"))
Cookies-and-Caramel Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student Writer
That completely went over my head when I wrote this lol.

I'm just terrible with last names so... yeah. I used a last name generator and that was the first thing that popped up lol. 

And I sorta feel bad for Julian... So far in the fic I'm writing he's had to deal with his parents trying to push him into the hospital and then he's had to deal with CPS after simply trying to get a birth certificate for Marley. And of course I'm planning on as Marley gets older she becomes a huge handful to deal with. But... Marley and Emma also end up being best friends and it's adorable. When Marley's little she actually falls asleep on Emma a lot and usually Emma will curl around her when she takes naps. 
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